Beautiful sunset at Fraterna Domus in Italy 

Took pictures of the sunset one day at ISLC in Rome two weeks ago. It was so beautiful! 


Sunny day! 

It have been a wonderful day today! I think Pixi agrees with me. She looks happy in the picture. 

Sunny and warm day at Astrid Lindgren’s world. 

I ended my day with a concert at Frödinge bygdegård outside Vimmerby. 


Playtime with the dog! 

For some weird reason, my parents dog likes to chew on branches from the hedge and she usually breaks them off from the hedge by herself. 😂


Highest point in Vimmerby 

I love to run in the hill up to the highest point in Vimmerby, Sweden. It’s such a wonderful view from there! 


Adventure in Kolmården 

Was on a trip to the woods in Kolmården with my boyfriend today. 


Frödinge, Sweden 

Took all the pictures around “ostkakeboden” in Frödinge, Sweden.